How to Download Pokemon for iPhone

The role-playing adventure-fighting game is all set to launch on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. According to the game’s publisher Nintendo, gamers will soon be able to play Pokemon on iPhone. The popular game series was first released as a “Game Boy” version in 1996 in Japan. After that Pokemon video game series started gaining its popularity worldwide and after that, it released in Paris in a generalize manner. RPG game freaks are waiting long to get a version of Pokemon for iPhone. (Buy Pokemon game at Amazon).

In fact you can play Pokemon on your iPhone while watching your favorite movie on Showbox App.

The last released version “Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire” is only available for playing in Nintendo 3DS platform. As per the developer of Pokemon, game series Creatures Inc and Game Freak, the upcoming instalment “Pokémon Z” may also release on iPhone along with Nintendo 3DS. If it happens, the popular role-playing game followers will be able to play Pokemon on iPhone for the first time.

pokemon for iphone

Pokémon Red, Green, and Blue was the first edition of the game series and originally created by Satoshi Tajiri. The game was initially released in ‘Game Boy’ platform before Nintendo developed its console named ‘Nintendo-DS’. Let us get back to the point, as on this deck we are going to discuss all the possibilities of Pokemon game series coming to iPhone 7 too. Check our dedicated section for how to get Pokemon on iPhone to know all about it.

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Apart from this, there are some other versions of it like Alpha Sapphire, white and black versions. If you are looking for another one and try to unleash the ultimate thrills from Pokemon game go for the other versions without wasting a second more. Hit the buy now button below for all the other versions of Pokemon Games.

Pokemon for iPhone: Is Pokemon coming to iOS Platform?

As the concept of Pokemon game series already made a killing influence over the RPG world. It also holds the record of second best selling video game worldwide, just next to Mario, which is also a Nintendo’s franchise. Pokemon for iPhone has been the most scuttlebutt topic among the gamers and finally in 2015 Nintendo announced its upcoming episode of the series, Pokemon GO. The publisher also confirmed that the edition is also coming for Android along with iOS. “Pokemon GO” is already making buzz over the role-playing RPG game lovers, it coming for the most two popular mobile gaming platform, iOS and Android. However, we also discussed how to play Pokemon on iPhone, check out the section below if you are interested.

Pokemon GO for iPhone: Why is it Worth Waiting for? 

Pokemon GO Release Date is scheduled for July 2016. The edition will also be available for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. The RPG game buffs are waiting long to Play Pokemon on iPhone and finally Nintendo making their wish come true in the coming year. Game’s publisher also promised that the edition would be available for most of the editions of iPhone. Now, let’s find what Pokemon Go is all about.

Pokemon Go for iPhone

Nintendo is also releasing a wearable device named “Pokémon Go Plus” for the game lovers along with Pokemon GO for iPhone and Android. The Wearable Device will use Bluetooth connection to notify the players with light rumble and LED when another player or Pokemon is nearby. Throughout the virtual world of Pokemon, the game also allows its players to capture, battle and explore.

Pokemon GO for Android: Nintendo is All Set to Take a Huge Step 

Apart from Pokemon on iPhone 6 and 6s, The upcoming edition, Pokemon GO is also set for Android release. In an announcement, Nintendo clarifies that the ‘Pokemon GO Plus’ will also be available for Android devices. The Idea of the game Pokemon Go for Android came from late Tsunekazu Ishihara, who was a part of Pokemon company and Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata. As Nintendo is all set to take Pokemon game series one step further, it’s time to see will the company be able to keep the same ante up for Pokemon Go on Android?

Pokémon Go Beta Mobile Version 

For Australia and New Zealand, good news comes with a wave of freshness for all the Pokemon gamer. Nintendo released its first beta version of mobile gaming on iPhone especially. This is real test to check how Nintendo’s game can perform on iOS platform. You all can’t play this beta version if you did not get an invitation. Live footage from real field test run in Australia demonstrated the upcoming characters and gameplay.

You can’t start if you don’t select any player- Poké-buddy. Here it appears that you don’t have to collect any power by hitting giants and monsters. Here the process of hitting is humorous- with Pokéballs you have to hit the right spots of the monsters. As you will go through these, you will collect enough creature. None of these battles will match anything like Game Boy and DS version.

In Australia and New Zealand, this is the first time that an English speaking avatar of Pokémon Go comes up for the general public. It’s not still clear whether Android and iOS version of this game will release in this year or not. According to Nintendo indicated through its announcements that four mobile apps including Andriod, Windows and iOS would release in March 2017. Expect the invisible monsters on the street by March of the next, but of you got an invitation, it can give this beta test a try.

How to Play Pokemon on iPhone?

If you can’t wait till the release date of Pokemon Go for iPhone, you can still play the previous versions of the game series on iOS platform. However, Nintendo the game’s publisher already released a version called Pokémon Shuffle, but it is more like Candy Crush than Pokemon. So, iPhone users never experienced the real gleam of Pokemon. There are two ways; by following them, you can play Pokemon on iPhone. Check it below.

How to Get Pokemon on iPhone Without Jailbreak? 

Yeah! It is possible to play almost all versions of Pokemon for iPhone without taking the risk of jailbreaking. However, some of the people also prefer the jailbreak method, which is also mentioned below.  Here’s how you can play Pokemon on iPhone without jailbreak.

Well, first clause of installing Pokemon for iOS without jailbreak is not to upgrade your operating system to iOS 8.1. In case if you have updated your iPhone to iOS 8.1 or iOS 9 then you can use the jailbreak method to install GBA4iOS emulator. Here the steps:

First Step, go to the Settings application of your iPhone in order to adjust the date and time. Well, you need to change the time every time you reset the phone to install Game Boy Advance emulator. (the emulator can be used to play the versions named Pokemon Emerald, Sapphire, LeafGreen, Ruby, FireRed and the originals.

Second, after going to the settings app, go to the general tab where you can find the option called Date & Time, Now Tap on that!

Third, Now do not let you iPhone set Date & Time automatically by toggling it to ‘OFF.’

Fourth Step, Set the date back to one month of to be safe before installing GBA4iOS emulator. Now go to Safari and type in the URL bar.  If you still want to play the classic versions, i.e. Nintendo DS versions of Pokemon game series, NDS4iOS emulator needs to installed on your iPhone. The emulator for classic versions can be found in

Fifth Step, Now you should find the options for downloading GBA4iOS. Download GBA4iOS 2.0.X or GBA4iOS 2.0 for iOS 8 and 7. If you are running your iPhone on iOS 6 then download Download GBA4iOS 1.6.2.

Sixth, After downloading and installing GBA4iOS, you should find it on the home screen of your iPhone. Now Tap on the trust button after running the App.

Seventh Step, Now it’s time to download the Pokemon ROM files, Go to Google and just search Pokemon ROMs, you would find many results regarding it. For downloading ROMs file legally, you need to own the games physically.

Eighth Step, after finding Pokemon ROMs files and downloading it, open the file using GBA4iOS. Now, you can set your “Date & Time” back to normal or toggle the automatic option on.

How to Get Pokemon for iPhone With Jailbreak

Before installing Pokemon on iPhone using jailbreak method, you must know how to jailbreak an iPhone. The jailbreak method can be done on all versions of iOS, ignore this section if you already know the process of jailbreaking an iPhone.

How To Jailbreak iOS 8 all versions

From iOS 8.1 to iOS 8.4 same method can be used while jailbreaking. Let’s find how to do it properly.

First download Pangu, which is a free jailbreak software for iPhone. There are different versions of Pangu available for different variations of iOS. The free utility can be installed on both Windows and OS X.

Second, just connect with your PC or Computer using USB cable. (You have to tap “trust” button if you are connecting to the specific computer for the first time.)

Third Step, now you just need to open iTunes if it doesn’t pop up automatically after connecting your iPhone with PC. Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes to make a backup. (If your iTunes is not the updated one then check for updates and install it.)

Fourth and Important Step, Create a back up of your iPhone files in iTunes. First, Select the device in iTunes. Second, it would ask for a backup location, select the “On this Computer” option. Third, just click on the back up now button.

Fifth, now before starting the jailbreaking process, make sure you have done these following things. 1st, Connect to Wi-Fi network before starting any process. 2nd, don’t ever enable Find my iPhone or passcode lock feature as you can enable after the jailbreaking is done. Now just skip everything else.

Sixth step, Run Pangu on your Computer, now your iPhone should show in the ‘Pangu’ Window. After that, Enable Airplane Mode on your iPhone, now go back to the Pangu window and click on the “Jailbreak” option. (Now, Jailbreak process would take around 20 minutes, do not unplug or touch it during the process)

Seventh, after the jailbreak process is done, the phone will make an automatic reboot and it would take longer than it normally does. So, don’t worry, just launch Cydia which will set up the file system after jailbreak process is done. After configuring Cydia, iPhone will take an automatic reboot again.

Eighth Step, Launch Cydia once again after rebooting is done and go to the ‘Changes’ Tab, tap on the refresh button to look for latest updates. Install the updates if Cydia finds any.

Ninth and Final Step, As all the process of Jail Breaking, is done, now you can select your device from iTunes to restore the settings of which you took backup.

How to Jailbreak iOS 9 All Versions

Pangu has already released the iOS 9 utility, the process of jailbreaking is almost same as iOS 8. Users just need to download the correct version Pangu or go to “” to Jailbreak iOS 9. Here we have shared a tutorial on How to Jailbreak iOS 12. After the Jailbreak process is complete, on can also play Pokemon on iOS 9.

Download: Pangu 9.0.2

How to Play Pokemon on iPhone after Jailbreaking Process

As you already know how to jailbreak iOS 9 and iOS 8, it is now possible to play Pokemon on iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 or any version of Apple iPhone even if you updated it to iOS 8.1. Jailbreak just allows the users to install that aren’t allowed or available on iOS 8.1 or higher version. Just launch Cydia that comes automatically after jailbreaking.

After Launching Cydia, the jailbreak manager, search “GBA4iOS” on it and then click and install the software. After that the whole process is same as it is mentioned in How to Get Pokemon on iPhone Without Jailbreak.

How to Download Pokemon Games

As Pokemon GO for iPhone is already announced by the Nintendo officials, the upcoming version will be available on iTunes along with Google Play Store as Android version. Anyway, the game will be available for free to download after its release in 2016. However, one can also download Pokemon Games from GBA4iOS as it is mentioned in the above tutorial. It is possible to download Pokemon games on iPhone and play all the classic versions of it.

How to Download Pokemon for iPhone

Pokémon Shuffle has already been released for iPhone, which is also available for download from iTunes. However, the edition “Pokémon Shuffle” has got mixed reviews from the players and game critics. It is the first edition to let users download Pokemon for iPhone. However, to play and download Pokemon on iPhone, which released previously follow the jailbreaking method mentioned earlier in this page if you are using iOS 8.1 or upper version or just follow the How to Play Pokemon for iPhone without jailbreak section.

Pokemon Online Games: Which One You Should Try

Are you not willing to take the step that mentioned in How to Get Pokemon for iPhone With Jailbreak section and take the risk? Still, can’t wait for the Pokemon GO for iPhone to release? Well, here is a solution for you as there are many versions of Pokemon Online Games are available. Just go to the official site of Pokemon Company or and visit the play games section. In the Play Pokemon Games online section you would find an edition called “Pokemon Pulse”. However, you can also find the whole list of Pokemon Online Games in the video games section of the official site of Pokemon.

Pokemon iPhone Wallpaper: In case If You Were Looking For It

After mentioning all the details about How to Play Pokemon for iPhone and How to Find Pokemon Games Online. This section is fully dedicated to the Pokemon fan boys across the world. Here we arranged a good collection of Pokemon iPhone Wallpaper that you may like. Pokemon games have been dominating the casual and the world of light gaming since 1996. The Pokemon anime series inspired by the Pokemon Game series has also got huge popularity worldwide. Anyway, check out the Pokemon Wallpapers for iPhone and pick the one, which you like.

Pokemon iPhone Wallpaper

Pokemon iPhone Wallpapers


Pokemon Wallpapers


Pokemon Wallpapers for iPhone

iPhone Wallpapers of iPhone

iPhone Wallpapers of iPhone

Wrapping It Up

The series of Pokemon games is also holding the record of second best selling games of all time after Mario. Mario is also a Nintendo’s franchise. However, the company is expecting to increase its popularity by releasing Pokemon on iPhone in 2016. The announcement for Pokemon GO for iPhone has already created some buzz over the light game lovers and Pokemon buffs. As Pokemon GO is also coming for Android along with the iOS version it is expected to create a huge rumble once again as people are waiting long for Pokemon on iPhone. Anyway, don’t forget to share how our section of Download Pokemon Games, How to Play Pokemon for iPhone and Online helped you while you were looking for it. Share your opinion in the comment box to make our site dedicated to Pokemon Games better and a piece of cake for gamers.

How to Download Pokemon for iPhone
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