How to Download Pokemon on iPhone without Jailbreak

One of the best ways to spend some leisure time off all hustle and bustle in your daily life is to play some really interesting games on your iPhone. Now the question that remains is that which game is going to be that game that would embed you with fun ad thrill, happiness. It won’t be an exaggeration to admit that the best game for most gamer is Pokemon. Well, yes, you can easily getPokemon on your iPhone, which is one of the most famous cartoon character off course.

Get Pokemon on iPhone without jailbreaking

Let’s Play with Pokemon on iPhone | Cartoon is Over

The history goes back to the best and amazing times of your childhood when you couldn’t move an inch of your TV screen, when this awesome animated cartoon created by Satoshi Tajiri called Pokemon came on TV. It’s not a secret that even though most of us grew up, that small kid is still there that reminds many of us of those amazing times during the childhood.

Coming back to our game, Pokemon that is coming for iPhone soon, this article would guide you step by step to download the game and it will also help you on how to get Pokemon on iPhone  in the most lucid manner. If you are thinking that the process here is going to talk about ways to install Pokemon on iPhone by jailbreaking, then unfortunately you are wrong.

Our process is straight and simple. How to download Pokemon for iPhone without Jailbreak? Step by step guidance to get Pokemon for iPhone. Follow them accordingly……

Download and Install Pokemon on iPhone without Jailbreaking | Step By Step Guide

The first and foremost step requires you to install GBA4iOS on your iPhone. Unfortunately it has been already deleted permanently from apple store due to some issues regarding IPR and etc. But guess what, you can still download it very easily from the internet. Now download and installing is a bit difficult task, but with a sweat-less little bit of effort you can easily catch it. After you install it, you can simply and easily play any Pokemon like Nintendo games on your newly purchased iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus too. This will easily give you key to enjoy and play Pokemon on your older iPhone series too like iPhone 5, 5S and even 4S.

What is GBA4iOS | Why We need it to install Pokemon on iPhone

There are certain things that you must know about GBA4iOS. It’s like you may have and may come to face with the similar things when you have GBA4iOS in your iPhone, like you have when you get bluestacks to your PC. If you plan and wish that this stimulator gets installed on your phone without too much effort then you must note following things.

Tips to Install GBA4iOS to play Pokemon on iPhone

To download it on your phone, you must change your date in the phone. You can set it to at a date in 2012 to download it successfully.

To carry on with the process to get Pokemon on your iPhone 5 or in iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C, you need ROM. You can simply search for it on the internet. Once you have installed it, you can easily play the majority of the games on your iPhone and best of all, Pokemon.

The next step would require you to search for Pokemon Games. Then as you find one, you have to click on the download button. Once the game is downloaded, you must double click on the icon of the game. This will install the game and at the same time; will navigate to GBA4iOS from your list. Well, that’s all you would need to do. Now, once it has been installed, play and enjoy Pokemon on your beloved iPhone.

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Another Emulator for Playing Pokemon in iPhone

You also have other options for emulators. Apart from GBA4iOS, you can choose NdS4iOS. The installation process in both of them does not have much difference.  So you can also use NdS4iOS as an emulator.

NdS4iOS is one of the best ways to play Pokemon and other Nintendo games. Playing Pokemon on IOS device like iPhone or iPad are also included among them. Another famous IOS game is Super Mario. So all in all, NdS4iOS has some exciting features.

1.         It offers various games with super GUI

2.         Real and incredible gaming experience which is simply impeccable

3.         It also offers game point through DropBox

4.         It comes with easy control with feasibility with any common gaming device

A question that bugs many times to those people who download Pokemon for iPhone is about removing the GBA Emulator. If you are one of those who wish to remove the app, then here is your step by step guide.

1.         Search for the GBA4iOS icon on your phone

2.         Now you should long press the GBA4iOS icon and then click on X icon

3.         The job is done! GBA4iOS is now uninstalled

Those who wish to download Pokemon on iPhone, this whole tutorial will surely help them in a great way. It will give them all the information with proper procedure. Follow the steps and get Pokemon for your iPhone. It does not matter which model you have. It will make run the Pokemon on your iPhone easily.

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