5 Similar Games Like Nintendo’s Pokemon Game for iPhone

Nintendo’s upcoming game Pokemon for iPhone has created lots of buzz already in gamers’ group. Playing Pokémon on iPhone and iPad will become a reality soon. As of Now you can’t play this game in iPhone, you can give some other similar games like Pokémon on iPhone a try, as these are also very impressive and interesting to play. Here we are presenting list of five alternative games of Pokémon for iPhone.
Similar Games Like Pokemon for iPhone

Mighty Monster for iPhone | Truly Monster

Mighty Monster for iPhone
Mighty Monster is a very interesting game to play and somewhat it looks like the Pokémon game when you try to play it on your latest iPhone 6 or iPad Air 3. There will be several islands and every island is packed with all new types of monster. You have to capture all of them one by one. The levels will be up as you finish the missions one by one.
Completing each mission you will be powered by new powers to fight and capture the new monsters in next islands. You can join global players list and see how people around the globe are completing their mission. You also can jump into the competition.

Dragon Island for iPhone | A Pokémon alike

Dragon Island for iPhone
Dragon Island game has not released yet. A beta version of this game is available in App store. You can give that try till the game comes to your iPhone. It features more than 200 monsters and all of them can be captured.
Like the previous game when you go on capturing those monsters one by one you will be powered by all new different abilities and the level of game will up gradually. When you try it on your iPhone, you may get a simple of taste of playing Nintendo’s upcoming Pokémon game on iPhone.  


Zenform’s Protector for iPhone | Creatures become Monsters

Zenform’s Protector for iPhone
It’s 2D game and features various monsters like the other two. As the user your mission is to explore the world of Zenforms. Zenforms are the generic names of the creatures in the game. All creatures in Zenform Protector start their life one of these three critters- Rinba, Slino, Ferno.
Your creature can be evolved up to five time maximum but for that you need to complete some missions and achieve some objectives. Like Pokémon for iPhone, here also you have to explore the mission one by one and unlock the powers.  

Mino Monster for iPhone | what is in Pokémon, man!

Mino Monster for iPhone
This game is little bit different. Here you will get a set of creatures instead of one. You can use any of them in a specific mission. But before you put those creatures in a mission you have to provide them proper training to capture monsters. Different characters have different abilities to fight the monsters.

Microman for iPhone | A true Copy of Nintendo’s Pokémon game for iPhone

Microman for iPhone
Though the game has not released yet, playing the beta version we realized that Microman is going to be one of the carbon copy game of Nintendo’s next game- Pokémon. Here we have a vast monster world to explore as well.
You will have more than 100 monsters to nab. Your powers will be increasing as you nab the big monster bosses one by one. Levels of the game also increase gradually. 

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