Best Pokemon Emulator to Play Pokemon for iPhone

With iPhone we can play a lot of games available on Apple Store. Nintendo’s upcoming iPhone game i.e. Pokemon will need an Ios emulator installed on your iPhone to be played. So without a Pokemon emulator your all efforts to play Pokemon on iPhone will nip in bud.  Getting a compatible iPhone emulator is not a tough nut to crack. Now-a-days numerous emulators are available in the web. Just by crawling we can get many of them. It’s a matter of a search to get one of them and a tap away to get that installed in our iPhone. But we are presenting some of the best rated emulators for iPhone here for you so that you neither have to feel guilty after wasting a lot of time in search for emulators nor to crush coke can in anger after installing a wrong one.

Pokemon Emulator for IOS devices

Types of IOS Emulators to Play Pokémon on iPhone

The emulators are of two types (i) Hardware Emulators and (ii) Software Emulators. We need to understand the basic difference between these two types of Emulators.

(i) Hardware Emulators: the hardware emulators require the use of tangible components. The features of hardware emulators are quite good. These emulators provide wide software compatibility range. These emulators also provide complete transparency during the emulation.

(ii)Software Emulators: the software emulators are hardly used. But the demand of the software emulators arises when it’s impossible to use the hardware emulators. Thus, there is always a demand of software emulators in iPhones. Pokemon emulators are also available.

Check How to Play Pokemon on iPhone by Jailbreaking

Emulator on iPhone to play Pokemon on iPhone is always required just because its iOS (iPhone Operating System). To run Pokemon on an iOS7 or Ios8 (iPhone’s Operating System) device one needs to have various kinds of software that would enable playing the upcoming Nintendo’s game- Pokemon on your iPhone 5S or newly bought iPhone 6 or 6S. Pokemon emulators are available online and some of them are also free to download and install.

The Popular emulators are Bar Magnet, GBA4iOS, GBA4iOS 2.1, Gearboy, Gearsystem, iDOS, iFBA, iTransmission, iSSB, MAME4iOS, MCPE Maps, MeSNEmu, NDS4iOS, PPSSPP, provenance, record Screen, Record My Screen, Shou, SNES4iOS and etc.  These are most popular Pokemon emulators which work only for the iOS devices such as the iPhone, iPad, iPod depending upon the iOS version you have on your iPhone.

Pokemon for iPhone

List of Best iPhone Emulators to Download Pokemon for iPhone

(i)  Bar Magnet: It is developed by Carlo Tortorella. Its 1.8 version requires iOS 5 or later iOS.  It’s about 1 MB in size. Some of these iPhone emulators are: Support for multiple users, search for query system, QR Scanner, Change of style ordering and a lot more. Having this emulator can easily run the Pokémon on your iPhone.

(ii) GBA4iOS: it is developed by Riley Testut and designed by Paul Thorsen. Its 1.6.2 version is available in 5.8 MB. Landscape supports, Customize Frame skip, iTunes file sharing support (for iPhones, iPads and iPods), and 4 inches screen support is some of the features provided by this iPhone emulator. It will also support Pokémon game that is coming soon on your iPhone.

(iii) GBA4iOS 2.1: Another Emulator for playing Pokémon on iPhone is also developed by Riley Testur and developed by Paul Thorsen. The feature list of this emulator for an iPhone is quite large. It’s features are Wireless Linking support, Brand new GBA and GBC skins, Updated icon logo, It’s a Pokemon emulator with Full iPhone & iPad support, GB & GBC Support, Software Updates, In-App Browser, Dropbox Support, Cheat Codes, Save States, Controller Vibration, Sustain Button, Event Distribution, AirPlay Support, Custom Controller Skins, URL Schemes Support, Fast Forward, iOS 7 External Controllers Support and etc.

(iv)      Gear Boy: it is developed by Ignacio Sanchez. It’s an Emulator that will help you to enjoy the Pokemon game on your iPhone. Its 2.1 version is available in 8 MB to download and install for iPhones, iPads and iPods. It requires iOS 5 or any of the later iOS.
(v)     Gear System: It is from the same developer of Gear Boy i.e. Ignacio Sanchez. Its 1.3 version is available in 4.5 MB for the iPhones, iPads and iPod. It requires 5.1 iOS or later. It’s a user friendly emulator for the Pokémon game. To play Pokémon by this emulator is just a effort of a kid. No special experience required.  
(vi)       iDOS:it is DOS based iEmulator for iPhones. It is developed by Chaoji Li. Its 2.0 version is available in 3.5 MB to provide the features such as PC compatible soft keyboard, Pokemon emulator, landscape support, customizable floating gamepad to the iPhone users.

(vii) Record Screen:  it’s basically an emulator that helps to play any Nintendo game like Pokémon.  It is developed by Nicolas Gomollon. Its 1.0 version is available in 343 KB’s for the iPhones. The drawback of this iEmulator is that it doesn’t work on iPads.

All of the above Emulators are among the hand picked to enjoy the Nintendo game Pokemon for iPhone. These emulators basically support the Pokemon game to run on the iPhones and any kind of Ios devices  successfully. Pokemon is supported on any iOS 5 or later version with the help of any of these emulators.

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