How to Create Your Own Pokemon for Free

Who does not love Pokemon? Everyone had attachment to the adventures of Pikachu and his trainer Ash Ketchum. Ash Ketchum’s dream is all about being a Pokemon Master whom everyone sets story by. Now, with the help of this blog you can even play Pokemon on iPhone without any trouble for free of cost.

However, every Pokemon buff has a daydream to have a Pokemon of their own. Well, one can really become a Pokemon trainer in virtual world to fulfil their fantasy about being a Pokemon Master like Ash. If you want to create your own Pokemon just like Ash Ketchum has Pikachu, it is really very possible, all you need is internet connection and follow our tutorial carefully. However, do not forget enlist your friend as helping hands as Misty and Brock, who helped Ash always in his bad times.

So, make your own Pokemon without wasting anytime and start your journey to become the greatest Pokemon master of all time. Well, creating your own Pokemon is easy as you can pick any of all 150 Pokemon, you do not have to fight with Team Rocket and their Pokémon to get your own in virtual world and Meowth would not annoy you any way. Who doesn’t remember the quote of Meowth, i.e. “My brain says to run but my legs ain’t listening”, even she was a villain but everyone loved her way of talking.

How to Create Your Own Pokemon Online

Do you love talking about how you catch Missingno in the Pokemon game while on the bus ride to school? Do you love to make a whoop of “Pika-Pika”? then this is the exact tutorial you have been looking for. When it comes to the Elements, you can pick any, i.e. water, fire, flying, steel, electric, normal, ground and many of them. Let’s dig into how to make your own Pokemon.

Well, you can also design a unique looking Pokemon which you only want for yourself and give it some unique power to show that off to your friends.

Steps to Make Your Own Pokemon for Free

  • First, draw down your Pokemon Design on MS Paints or any Drawing software that you adulate.
  • There are many Online websites available which lets you to create your own Pokemon, among them is the best place to make you Pokemon Partner.
  • <p”>Go to the Website and Upload your Design after drawing it down or you can just pick a picture of a Pokemon, which you love, from Internet and upload it instantly.
  • Now you can set the attacks, weakness, retreat cost and resistance of your own Pokemon and make it more fascinating like never before. You can also select a picture for your Pokemon Evolution. Now, just go and capture all the Pokemon your friends have.

Hopefully, you got the answer of how to create your own Pokemon. So, get ready to live the life of Ash Ketchum and make your own signature Pokemon like Pikachu. Check this place to learn how to get Pokemon Game for iPhone.

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