Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon To Launch on 18th November 2016

Today we have something for all Pokemon lovers around the world and more specifically the gamers of this classical game. Nintendo is going to to release their upcoming sequels of Pokemon games- Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon on 18th November. The exciting parts of these games are- some new characters of legendary Pokemon are included while the mascots have not named yet.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Games New Pokemon Games- Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon

Poppilo and a disinterested cat like mascots which are a seal and fire animated characters, at last, the Rowlett, the flying owl type character with a sweet leafy tie. From the cover of the Pokemon Sun, we can presume the story. The story may revolve around the big lion while the bat featured Pokemon Moon holds another story which has not cleared yet. A trailer released before few hours. Check the trailer of these games below and checkout which Pokemon is more adorable!

Pokemon Sun and MoonTrailers of the new Pokemon Games- Sun and Moon

The Trailers show the details itself where a larger map and conventional 3D Pokemon appear. It may appear on GBA also so that you can play these on your PC simply without having much hassle to get perfect PC emulators.

Changes in Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon

Though there is no special news about these two upcoming Pokemon games, one change is sure- Some new monsters will appear, and some of them will be more war-hardened than the earlier however the battle planning will not change a lot while some tweaks may come. Let’s have a little patience till November, which is just six months away. If you have found anything anywhere which are related to this, please share with us by pouring your findings and thoughts in the comment section below. Stick here for more details as we will be updating all the new things coming up.

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