Apple iOS 11 is Going to be Bring in Some Incredible Changes

The world of technology has undergone a number of changes over the last decade, thanks to a number of new technological updates that have come in. And in the near future, things are expected to get even more updated as new inventions in the world of technology are bound to come in. And talking about the new updates in the world of technologies, the first name that comes to our mind is Apple. From time to time we have come across a number of upgraded technologies in the smartphones and the electronic gadgets which are released from the house of Apple.

And as we approach the end of the first quarter of the year 2017, we are looking forward to a number of new releases from the house of Apple. And one of those is definitely going to be the Apple iOS 11. Fans are expecting a number of new things to come in with the rolling out of the new software update. And it is beyond doubt that the fans will not be left disappointed by Apple for there are a number of news and updates floating in the market which state that the new operating system from Apple will bring in some incredible changes.

The latest news that has come out reveals the fact iOS 11 will come with a screenshot alert for the iMessage. iMessage is one of the exclusive features that only the Apple users can avail of. And a number of tweets from different reliable sources have come in which state of the above-mentioned update regarding the Apple iOS 11. iMessage is something that makes use of the data balance instead of the text message balance in order to send the other iPhone user any sort of text message. iMessage is something that only consumers using iPhones running on iOS 5 platform, or later software can avail of. So if iOS 11 comes out with the new feature where there will be a screenshot alert for the iMessage, things are definitely going to get much better than what even one can expect of.

Other than this there are a number of things that fans are expecting from the Apple iOS 11. One of the things is the cricket score updates which is reportedly going to be a feature of the iOS 10 the latest update of which has been reportedly released by Apple. This is something that all the fans, as well as the users of the Apple iPhones and other electronic gadgets that will run on iOS 11, are expecting from the developers. With iOS emulators, you can have a feel of the same on Android devices. 

However, it remains to be seen whether this new rumor eventually turns out to be true or not. This is because we have seen on a number of occasions that the speculative features eventually do not turn to be a realistic one. So to find out whether Apple iOS 11 comes with these changes or not, we need to keep on for a bit longer. It’s not going to be too long for an announcement is expected to be mad in the month of June when Apple WWDC will be going on. Until then we simply have to wait for the official statement regarding the Apple iOS 11.

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